Key Message Workshop

Do you want:

  • Customers to feel more confident in buying from you?
  • Staff to be clear on what your company is striving for?
  • Partners to drive more sales?
  • Influencers to recommend your company to others?

You can achieve all these outcomes if your communications are clear and concise and are tied to a consistent, credible theme.

Our key message workshops can help you uncover and develop powerful messages that explain in compelling language what your company does and what it stands for.

Whether you're a professional services firm, a consumer electronics company, a construction firm or a government department our facilitated workshop will deliver coherent, effective key messages.

What is a key message and why do I need one?

Effective key messages help crystallise thought and opinion about your organisation.

The words and phrases you use in media releases, media interviews, marketing materials, web sites and sales pitches should all be based on your organisation's key messages.

Key messages should be tied to the overall business strategy of the company and support activities by marketers, salespeople and the leadership team.

Key messages aren't advertising taglines. They are bite-sized summations of more complex brand, company and product messages.