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Offering you integrated PR, brand and social media services

Reputation Management is a very critical issue for businesses, more so, in the digital age. Crystal PR, as one of the top PR Agencies in India, understands how important Online Reputation Management can be for a business and therefore, we help our clients monitor, guard and manage their online reputation professionally.

Online Reputation Management helps companies eliminate or reduce the damage caused by negative Internet postings that rank highly on searches for their company, brand names or individuals associated with the organization (such as the company president). Removing the offending pages is difficult, but not impossible. There are two main ways to try to remove the negative content: 1) Legally 2) Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. We use a combination of both techniques. For more details on our services please contact us.

Removing Negative Content Legally

The legal method could be costly. In most cases, the negative postings are left anonymously, so there is no way to prove who posted them. If you feel you know who posted it, you may file a lawsuit against them and try to subpoena records from the website where the listing appears, but most likely the offender would not have used their own internet connection and email address that can be tied back to them. However, even if you get a court order, most often sites such as ripoffreport are immune from removing any content from their websites, as they are considered public forums and the law protects them from being sued or taking removal actions.

Other less expensive methods may help in removing content, such as sending cease & desist letters. Although, We are not a law firm, we are familiar with most legal aspects of reputation management and use an in-house counsel to send cease & desist letters on your behalf. We have been successful in removing negative content in the past by sending removal letters. Each case is different. We urge you to contact us so we can analyze your situation to see if we could help you remove the content legally.

Removing Negative Content Via SEO

The targeted use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing lets us move such pages down in search engine rankings to the second page or lower, where they will be "buried" and attract less attention. Using proprietary techniques, in some cases we are able to completely drop the negative listings from showing up in Google.

We uses several methods to achieve this goal, including performing SEO on your main page and building several other blogs or mini-sites for your company. Link building will also be a major part of the campaign. Combined, this creates links that will elevate all of your online properties ahead of any negative pages in major search engine results.

Another major portion of the Reputation Management work we do involves Social Media Marketing. We build social media profiles on major social media sites with optimized content. We also provide link building, which pushes these additional sites higher in search engine rankings while dropping offending sites further down.